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In September our featured artist is Allen Benowitz. His work was selected because he doesn't touch up on a computer. Everything is done on site using natural lighting, on site composition. Mr Benowitz uses a camera with film and develops his own work. His photographs present a clarity of vision that I find absorbs the viewer. I like the untouched feeling the photographs exude giving the viewer a feeling of timelessness.

Karen Dielke is also a Miami artist that expresses that tropical mood in her flowers and foliage. Her art takes you to an exotic place that could be anywhere but happens to be in Miami. Many visitors forget they are in the tropics until they get to Coconut Grove and Fairchild gardens where they are surrounded by this foliage and those tropical afternoon storms.

Trina Collins and her collection of portraits expresses a tropical sense with her pastel palette and whimsical faces. Trina is also a Miami artist. Artists are influenced by their surroundings, the colors and rythems create the patterns in their art, especially Trinas choices.

Juanita Greenspan is a sculptor and we have selected the pieces where she has faces to balance the art of Trina Collins. Miss Greenspan works in alabaster and we are happy to present her art as a local artist.

Along with the exhibit we will have a stage performance.

Please join us Saturday from 5 to 7 pm at the Valleytown Cultural Arts and Historical Society building.

H. Allen Benowitz

H. Allen Benowitz, a self-taught photographer, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and a graduate from the Interboro Institute of Business in Manhattan, migrated to Miami, FL, in the 1960s, where he currently resides with his wife, Jo. They spend time at their log home in Burnsville, NC.

As an evolution from the accomplishments of his professional court reporting, legal videography, and videoconferencing career, the camera became a natural segue to photography, awakening an earlier passion from childhood.

Recognition for his work includes a Judges' Award at the University of Miami Lowe Art Museum's Beaux Arts Festival; honorable mention in the International Kodak Contest; and award winner B/W photography, One Ear Society. His work has also appeared at Books & Books, Coral Gables, FL, and the Miami Design District. Among numerous publications in which he has been featured are the Miami Monthly, Miami Snow Ski Club, and Coastal Elegance & Wealth magazines. His photo subjects include landscape, wildlife, people, and adventure travel.

His highly acclaimed photo, "Behind the Wall," received national recognition at Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation's Holocaust Remembrance Project Awards Dinner in Washington, D. C.

Mr. Benowitz has been invited by His Majesty, King Mohammed VI, to photo journal his country's Moussem de Tan-Tan, an annual festival. 20,000 tribesmen and foreign dignitaries met for a cultural and professional exchange mission 500 miles south of Casablanca in the Sahara Desert. The Moussem de Tan-Tan has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage for Peace and the Humanities.

Mr. Benowitz's other exhibitions in North Carolina this year are on the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Altapass Orchard in Little Switzerland Sunday, August 31, 2008. The Design Gallery in Burnsville will host an opening reception and lecture/exhibition Saturday, October 17, 2008.

Mr. Benowitz recently returned from Cuba on an humanitarian mission where he photographed "Life in Cuba 2008" during the "10th Anniversary of Castro's Five-Year Plan."

His work may be viewed and ordered online:

Karen Deilke

Karen Deilke was born in Texas and lived in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado before moving to Coconut Grove, Florida in 1997. A lifelong artist, Karen paints in acrylic and watercolor and creates mixed media collages. Her work embraces both abstraction and realism.

Karen's paintings have won numerous juried show awards and is included in private and corporate collections in Miami, New York, Nantucket, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean.

Trina Collins

Martha Salas-Kesser

After finishing her studies of Art and Design in Caracas-Venezuela in 1980 she moves to the United States where she presently resides. She continues to create her art work and is constantly participating in art exhibitions nationwide and overseas.

Martha's art includes paintings, ceramics and etchings. At the present time she is mainly working creating abstract paintings utilizing photography as one of the elements in the composition.

As Vice-president of PIAG Museum in Coral Gables, Florida she has offered great support thru outreach programs for kids and their families.

Voluntary work for the community continues to be an important part of her artistic career. She could be reached at 305-968-4748 or

Margrit-Rose People

A self-taught artist who embraces various Art Forms, Margrit-Rose People was born in Berlin, Germany. She studied Graphic-Design at the "Akademie fuer Bildende Kuenste und Graphic-Design".

While working in Advertising, her real passion was in painting. She moved from Germany to Coconut Grove and her new life inspired her to explore other forms of expression and brought a greater dimension to her work.

She finds creative inspiration from various tribal cultures and utilizes her traveling experiences as a foundation to explore our global heritage.

Vibrant, powerful imagery, a two dimensional Artist, exploring detailed African Portraits to brilliant colorful Abstracts. Margrit's varied career includes the design of necklaces out of African Glass-, Trade-and Silver Beads.

How to Exhibit

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